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Tot Shorts In Progress

4/29/14 by Burnetti-Animation
Updated 4/29/14

I know I've been inactive lately (workaholic/student life) but I post to inform you, that I have put in some work on this Tot short, I would have been done by now (since its so short) but I'm in college (and that means homework!). Excuses? yes they are but I assure you I will get it uploaed soon, hopefully before this upcoming month ends. Let me know if you are still waiting for more animations. If somebody comments on this post, I will post one of the most random animations I've done.


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Enochcity ill try to get it uploaded soon, idk why but I can't upload it because the Icon on the checklist won't let me continue.



Really curious seeing that random animations XD

4/29/14 Burnetti-Animation responds:

Dang now i gotta post it haha