Patatoe Man

2014-03-05 17:04:53 by Burnetti-Animation

So from the looks of it Patatoe Man Episode one isn't doing so hot. It got a lot of views but the feedback wasn't all too great. Oh well that won't stop me from uploading the 11 minute long EPISODE 2 SON!. haha we'll just keep making more and more episodes.


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2014-03-09 22:33:41

I dont wanna sue you for this

Burnetti-Animation responds:

What are you talking about?


2014-03-15 22:56:28

look at my name

(Updated ) Burnetti-Animation responds:

Look at the series name....or do you not see the difference


2014-03-16 13:58:42

Im not serious XP

Burnetti-Animation responds:

Oh gosh.... hahah smooth man