2017-01-03 03:29:16 by Burnetti-Animation

Going to upload a new animation soon. Feedback welcomed! I really would like to improve.


2016-02-29 01:41:29 by Burnetti-Animation

So here's a question I never asked. In order to gain viewers. Is the NG community more about quantity (ie more animations in a decent time range) or quality? (better Animations but release dates are farther apart).

New Episode!

2015-05-05 18:15:46 by Burnetti-Animation

A New episode of "Patatoe Man" will be uploaded this Friday (5/8/15).....I really don't need to announce these things. But I like to make people read. Cause reading is awesome! Thank you ernesto for my $4000 promoting deal. Ahh time to go buy a bigger flat screen.



2015-03-28 05:11:00 by Burnetti-Animation

Is there a way to change the Username? cause i can't foind it 


2014-05-05 10:26:54 by Burnetti-Animation

So somebody commented on my last post which means i had to upload a very random animation. If anything it'll probably be a 1-star rating in the end. Because I made it and I can't even make sense of what it was I created haha

Tot Shorts In Progress

2014-04-29 08:25:45 by Burnetti-Animation

I know I've been inactive lately (workaholic/student life) but I post to inform you, that I have put in some work on this Tot short, I would have been done by now (since its so short) but I'm in college (and that means homework!). Excuses? yes they are but I assure you I will get it uploaed soon, hopefully before this upcoming month ends. Let me know if you are still waiting for more animations. If somebody comments on this post, I will post one of the most random animations I've done.

New Tot Shorts

2014-03-24 22:59:59 by Burnetti-Animation

So it's going to be a while before i can release EP 3 of Patatoe Man, so while you guys are waiting. The creator and I are going to create mini tot shorts in between episodes.

Patatoe Man

2014-03-05 17:04:53 by Burnetti-Animation

So from the looks of it Patatoe Man Episode one isn't doing so hot. It got a lot of views but the feedback wasn't all too great. Oh well that won't stop me from uploading the 11 minute long EPISODE 2 SON!. haha we'll just keep making more and more episodes.

About me

2014-03-02 05:01:22 by Burnetti-Animation

Hey Newgrounds members my name is Ivan Phillips, I go by Ivan "Burnetti" (friend gave it to me) and I've always been fascinated with animation (what a shocker!). I started animating in 2008 and have been since then. I hope to imporve in time (through practice and some college) but for now I'll be animating random stuff. My main project will be a web series named "Patatoe Man" its created by Josh Seymour, animated by me and we both write the episode scripts. So far we have 2 episodes out so far so check em out! Beside that uh yeah that's about it.